Facebook Expands its Support to Header-Bidding for In-App

Facebook is now stepping into In-App header bidding. Facebook Audience Network announced Wednesday 6th June 2018 that publishers can include the Facebook’s inventory into their in-app header bidding auctions. It means the app publishers who support header bidding can include the ads from the Facebook Audience Networks in their auctions. Facebook is partnering with Fyber, Max, and Twitter’s MoPub.


Benefits of New Approach:

  • Currently, the opportunity is given to Ad Networks one-by-one until an app ad is filled, it is determined by the historical CPM’s rather than the high paid buyers. This approach looks to be that a network willing to pay the more for an impression because its stands lower in the chain.
  • Also, In-App bidding allows the developers and publishers to establish an impartial auction over their ad inventory. All the advertising networks are allowed to bid simultaneously and the highest bidders win the placement thereby allowing publishes an opportunity to earn more.
  • Now, publishers are having an opportunity to maximize their access to high value advertisers creating a sustainable ad business that ensures the audience to enjoy the high quality free content.

Currently Facebook has been testing the In-App header bidding with different publishers who has their own server-side technology. The company ensures that publishers will gain 20% uplift in ad revenues during the testing phase.

Facebook’s Vijay Balan says that “The app ecosystem incurred inefficiencies because of lack of transparency resulting in the loss of revenue to the app publisher and also a potential relevant ad experience to the audiences. Now we believe that the principles behind the web header bidding can improve the efficiency of app monetization”

Also, as part of Facebook’s announcement, it includes “Code of Conduct” for in-app bidding strategies. It states that “Our strategy In-App is as same as Web and we want to support and work with any programmatic platform or publisher who will meet the bidding best practices outlined in our Code of Conduct.”