Understand the New Trends of Digital Advertising

The new forms of advertising are evolving in the digital industry. Explore the new trends of digital advertising that are impacting now and the future.

Native Advertising:

Native Advertising is the advanced feature of advertising that adapts the natural design and the functionality of the user experience in which it is placed. Native ads match the visuals of the content and gives you the experience that they are within it. They look and feel like a natural content.

Native advertising is the best option to build the trust and engagement with the prospective customers than a traditional style of advertising.


The leading social media platforms are monetizing their feed with native ads including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. Most of the media companies like Time Inc, New York Times and USA today are now introducing the news trends in advertising and integrating them for both web and mobile matching the form and function of their feed.

In-Feed / In-stream Advertising:

In-feed or In-stream is a part of native advertising that deliver ad’s in-feed. The In-feed ad format is adopted by large social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

With the emergence of the mobile, the organizing of the content in the form of feed has gain an importance in the publishing industry. Most of the publishers are adopting the feed format and delivering their stories effectively.


The branded content is delivered to the end-user without disturbing the user experience using In-feed advertising. This increases the experience and engagement of the users with the ad’s. We can serve the static and the video content as well in the feed.

In-Game Advertising:

In-Game advertising is the future of advertising within entertainment. In-game advertising is the best way to promote their brands or products within the mobile games. The publishers provide a natural experience to the audiences. Content or Ad is designed specifically to blend into the Game and the audience pay attention to the Ad without knowing it is an ad.


It’s a great opportunity to the advertisers and brands. The gaming platform is now offering mass market media to target the audience and engage them through In-game advertising. In fact one-third of population in USA are playing mobile games. Advertising in mobile games develops an emotional connection with audiences than traditional banner advertising methods. People can play a game multiple times in a day at home and on the move. Brands are having an opportunity to tap the visitors through offering the touch points with the advertising content.

In-App Advertising:

As apps are growing rapidly in the internet world, the new trend of advertising has opened opportunity to marketers for reaching their targeted audiences at right time. And opened new revenue streams to App Developers, that includes Standard, Video, Native ad formats.

App developers are now developing the ad slots in their apps to implement the ads and start earning by displaying the multiple forms of ads at the right places.


In-apps advertising is effective and works well because it has the location data which is more crucial for understanding content and increasing the engagement of the users. The geo-targeting is making the advertisers or brands to access the data and use them across the ecosystem. The app developers who have access the database of the app user’s behavioral data, serves available relevant ads on the user device.