Reasons for Why Your Content is not Indexed Properly

If you have a blog or website, you might have noticed that your content is not indexed regularly. There are many reasons for it. We have listed few of them here:

  1. Check whether the Google bot is indexing the code.
  2. Measure the content processing speed
  3. Minimize the resources such that the main content is loaded faster.
  4. Keep unique content
  5. Canonicalization issues are one of the major reasons for indexing issues.

These days, the website templates are designed from user’s perspective using java script and CMS to create good user experiences. The code may be complex such that the Google bot may not render.

The content loading and processing speed is also an issue whereas Google bot cannot index if the page is partially or not loaded.

Minimize all the resources on the web page such that the content loads faster than the other resources such as plugins, special effects, etc. Blogger should understand that content is important to the user than any other special effects.

Google will never appreciate the copy or duplicate content. So keep your content unique and update the website timely such that the indexing rate of the site increases.

Canonicalization issues are one of the reasons for crawl errors it would be because of the Angualr Js used in HTML. Google is having a difficult time in rendering the web page.

In Brief:

  • Make your website easy to render the site.
  • Make sure that your site is easily opening on chrome
  • Make sure your website is mobile friendly
  • Minimize the resources and make loading time faster
  • Make content easily crawlable