Influencer Marketing – New Branding Technique

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is a new trend of marketing. It is a process of marketing the brands/services/products through people who can create an engaging and high impact conversations with your customers.

Influencer is the one having hundreds and thousands of followers on social media. They can promote your brand to their followers and drive leads and customers to your business.

Now, brands flock the influencers to help sell their products or services with customer engagement. It’s going to grow by increasing the audiences and improve their sales by reaching them through influencer profiles on social media.


Why Influencers are needed for a brand?

Customers always trust the third party recommendations rather than the promotions done by the brand itself. In common words, influencer is a mutual friend who connects your brand with the targeted customers.

Influencers not only bring their followers as your audiences, but also their audience’s network as well. An influencer has the ability to drive the traffic to your website and increase your brand’s social media exposure. And ultimately sell your products/services through recommending your brand by creating a story about their experiences surrounding your brand and sharing with their followers.


Influencer marketing is emerging into the industry and becoming one of the most effective ways to reach out to the customers with modern strategies. Now-a-days people are not interested in watching the bill boards or hearing to the TV commercials. They are doing research on their own and following the reviews that are provided by someone they trust.

How Influencer Marketing Works?

Influencers generate the content or a story about your brand by inserting themselves in the conversations about your brand. They recommend your brand to their followers and increase the trust or loyalty of the brand in the targeted audiences. Influencer marketing is making a huge difference in the success of your company.

How to choose an Influencer for your brand?

For every brand the influencer differs. The first and foremost thing to be checked is whether the influencer is a contextual fit for your brand promotion. The most important characteristics to be checked while finding a target influencer of your brand are:

  • Defining your target audiences.
  • Find the right influencers having followers of your targeted audiences
  • Monitor the influencers.
  • Engage with them.

For example:

If your brand is selling the teens clothing and if you are hiring an influencer who belongs to software niche and having 30+ million followers. Does his tweet or an instagram post will bring you sales? Probably No. If the same influencer promoting a software can improve the sales of the company. So, before hiring an influencer for your brand, check if their niche or followers are your targeted audience?

Hire an influencer who is contextual fit for your brand. Your brand needs an influencer who can create an awesome content or a positive recommendation that reaches your brand’s targeted audiences.

Monitor the social media and find who talking more about fashion and styles of clothing who are having hundreds and thousands of followers and not promoting any brand. Well, this is the one whom you can hire to promote your brand to their followers.

A true influencer will be passionate about your brand and write some impact lines or sharing stories as a happy customer of your brand on social media. These lines can spread to the ones who read their writings about your brand. This generates leads to your company and drive them towards buying your products/services.