Google States Mobile First Search Indexing as Default for New Domains

Google has stated a year ago about its update on mobile first search indexing. And now it is ready to be implemented by July 2019. Google will index the mobile sites as default for any domains. If you are having a new site then you should be pretty clear making your site mobile friendly, polished and fully featured. Mobile version is the first version that Google will use to parse the site’s structure.

This strategy has been a long time in coming, Google has signalled it in late 2016, and it was until early 2018. The mobile searches have overtaken the desktop back in 2015. This is much about catching up the mobile dominated websites and it is to induce the web developers to give the mobile first experience.

The old websites which are not responsive will use the desktop first indexing until they are ready. Google wrote the old websites will continue to monitor and evaluate their pages for mobile first indexing. And once they are ready, Google will notify them over search console once they’re seen as being ready.

Google highly recommends all the new and upcoming websites to use the responsive design. Google stated that we continue to support the responsive web designs, dynamic serving and separate URL’s for mobile websites. Yet, we recommend using single URL’s for both Desktop and mobile websites in order to avoid confusion that has been seen by using the separate mobile website URL’s.

“We are happy to see the web has evolved from Desktop to mobile-friendly and now to being mostly crawlable and indexable with the mobile user agents. We understand that it has taken a lot of work from your side to get mobile friendly. And on behalf of all the mobile friendly users, we appreciate that. We will continue to monitor and evaluate the change carefully. ” said Google.

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