Google Confirms Broad core Algorithm Update May – 2020

This is the second Google broad core algorithm update in the year 2020. The first one was announced in Jan 2020. Google has not paused its updates during this Covid – 19 Pandemic because to produce a noticeable impacts in the search results throughout the languages and the countries. Covid-19 has changed everything. Yes, it does impact the Google search engine results too ranging from the searches that are related to virus, information on online products, places/companies/brands that are offering the remote services.

Websites will see a noticeable impact on the search engine rankings, few drops and few gains in search rankings after the core update rolls out. And the changes in the search engine rankings are based on “Content Relevancy”.  It means the content which has gained relevancy during the time from the last update will be moved up in rankings and vice versa. The websites having newly published content which was not there during the last update. That does all will be reviewed against previously existing content. In brief, ranking may differ around a bit.

Whenever Google rolls out any update, it means the site can do the best or the worst in its search results. So, As the Google has rolled out the update on 4th May 2020 keep an eye on your rankings and the traffic analytics.

What to do Post the Google Core Update rolled out on 4th May 2020: Google always says there is nothing to fix if your rankings drop after a core update. Instead it is always advised to keep their content the best it can be.